CCOO’s TUC gender and cooperation strategy

The Secretariat for International Trade Union Development Cooperation (Secretaría de Cooperación Sindical Internacional in Spanish) released its Gender and Development Strategy for International Cooperation.
Its aim is to promote women as development actors and to equip ourselves with a gender perspective and strategic guidelines for international trade union development projects, based on the extensive experience of women from the CC.OO.

This is the result of group work which included extensive participation by trade unionists and gender and cooperation experts.
This work stems from the conviction that equality between men and women is a question of justice and that the CCOO is a place to join forces and abilities and make progress in the fight for equality. It’s possible to implement development cooperation projects without taking into account women’s needs and interests.
You will find a table of contents, a presentation, a paginated index, the rationale for the necessity of working with a Gender Perspective in Development, a conclusion, as well as the frames of reference and intervention.
Indicators were developed to monitor the mainstreaming of gender equality and we would like to stress the importance that we attach to this evaluation and the impact of gender to achieve the proposed trade union cooperation goals. This work also includes a glossary of terms, a glossary of acronyms, an extensive bibliography and a series of factsheets that complement the information provided in the different sections.

Read the study Gender and Development Strategy for International Cooperation (In Spanish only).

Article written by Marisol Pardo, Chairperson of the Fundación Paz y Solidaridad (Foundation for Peace and Solidarity), CCOO’s Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Cooperation