Calendrier RSCD

Janvier - DĂ©cembre 2020

AP TUDCN (Bangkok)
22-23 January

OECD-DAC “Private Finance for Sustainable Development” (Paris)
28-30 January

UNECA Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (Victoria Falls)
24-27 February

UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (online)
19 March

#timefor8 webinar (online)
02 April

UN High-Level Event on FfD in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond (online)
28 May

Forum on FfD meeting: Financing a Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19 (online)
02 June

ITUC-AP - TUDCN webinar on #timefor8 (online)
05 June

ATUDN webinar on #timeofor8 (online)
08 June

TUCA-TUDCN webinar on #timefor8 (online)
10 June

EU-TUDCN webinar on #timefor8 (online)
15 June

Consultation on HLPF Ministerial Declaration (online)
24 June

HLPF (online)
07-16 July

ITUC high-level side event at HLPF: "SDGs SDGs The Sustainable Development Goals were one of the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference. The members States launched a new set of future international development goals, which will build upon the Millennium Development Goals and converge with the post-2015 development agenda. Decade of Action: A New Social Contract for recovery and resilience" (online)
13 July

Financing a Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19 (online)
05 August

Financing a Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19, Finance Ministers Meeting (online)
08 September

CSOs Meeting with European Commission on the Global Recovery Initiative (online)
09 September

PFD Global Meeting – DEVCO DG dialogue (online)
15 September

EU TUDCN on NDICI (online)
25 September

TUCA-TUDCN meeting (online)
25 September

OECD/DAC: Roundtable on Investment and Sustainable Development (online)
30 September

ATUDN-TUDCN meeting (online)
06 October

TUDCN-AP network (online)
28 October

CPDE Global Council (online)
28-29 October

OECD HLM (online)
09-10 November

TU-DAC Forum (online)
30 November