Background documents

Background documents for the participants of the TUDCN General Meeting in Florence 12-14 December 2011

TUDCN GM June 2011 Report:

TUDCN Activity Report Jun-Dec 2011:


Structured Dialogue:


Busan Outcome Document:

Collection of documents on UN DCF:

Collection of documents on OECD Development Strategy:

Collection of documents on RIO+20 Rio+20 Rio+20 was a UN conference of the highest possible level, including the heads of state and government or other high-level representatives. It was coordinated by UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs (DESA). Rio+20 was a follow up of two important events: the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), in Rio de Janeiro, and the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg. The conference took place 20 to 22 June 2012 and was accompanied by a number of side events (People’s Summit, Dialogue Days, Trade Union Assembly on Labour and Environment, etc.). One of the outputs of Rio+20 was the Sustainable Development Goals. :

OECD WP-Eff proposal on post-Busan:

UNCTAD UNCTAD The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is the main body of the United Nations General Assembly dealing with trade, investment, and development issues. It formulates policies related to all aspects of development including trade, aid, transport, finance and technology. It’s also a forum where the developing countries can discuss the problems related to their economic development. :

BetterAid: Making development cooperation architecture just: Governance principles and pillars