Austria - Short-time work during Corona crisis also possible for apprentices (ÖGB)

Apprentices in short-time work will receive full compensation, length of vocational training will not be extended

The new form of short-time work due to the corona crisis is now also possible for apprentices. Minister of Economics Margarete Schramböck assured this in a press conference today as decided by the Austrian the National Council as part of the COVID-19 measures. "Apprentices need the best possible support, even if their company is not doing so well," said Schramböck. "You now have the opportunity to go on short-time work - without financial loss."

100 per cent apprenticeship compensation for apprentices in short-time work
“Apprentices also receive 100 percent of their apprentices’ compensation even in short-time work. The apprenticeship period will not be extended, ” according to Susanne Hofer, Chairwoman of the Austrian Trade Union Youth (ÖGJ). "Short-time work for apprentices is particularly necessary because many companies can no longer meet their training obligations due to the current situation," explains Hofer.
"Instead of pushing apprentices out of their apprenticeship relationship, it is now possible to send apprentices to corona short-time work in the same way as all other employees in the company." This option has now been included in the short-time directive on the advice of the social partners.

"The expansion of the Corona short-time working model ensures income and training security for all 109,000 apprentices in Austria."
Susanne Hofer, Chairwoman of the Austrian Trade Union Youth (ÖGJ)

According to Hofer, our goal must be that young people receive the best possible training and can continue to learn in their company: "They are our specialists of the future, which is why we absolutely have to keep them in our companies." The measure of short-time work for apprentices will stay in effect until August 31, 2020.