Austria - Do not sign a notice of termination with a promise of re-employment! (ÖGB)

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„My employer suggests that I give notice of termination and promises to reinstate me. Should I agree to this?“ This is the most frequently asked question of the ÖGB / AK information hotline. The employment law experts clarify and have collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions like this at

Do not sign a termination
The termination of an employment relationship is legally possible at any time, provided the relevant deadlines and formal requirements are met. However, employment law experts strongly recommend that the employer be advised of the short-time working model created especially for the Corona crisis - even if the company makes a promise of reinstatement.

"In my view, there is no longer reason to dismiss employees."
Wolfgang Katzian

Use short-time working model
ÖGB President Wolfgang Katzian appeals to employers: “We have put together a package that ensures the greatest financial support for companies. The real issue now is to keep as many employees as possible in employment - this works with the new short-term work model.

The Corona short-time work emergency package has been made even more attractive to companies at the urging of the social partners. Together, the social partners were able to negotiate that the federal government also pays social security contributions for those affected from the first day on in order to provide financial support to the companies.

Frequently asked questions and their answers:
On the first day of the info hotline 0800 2212 00 80, an average of 750 people with labour law were able to get answers from the Chamber of Labour (AK) and ÖGB. Many of the questions could be answered directly. Should a question be more complex, the callers will be contacted right away by labour law experts.

In addition, a collection of the most common questions and answers (FAQs) is available to employees at

Questions such as:

  • What is short-time work?
  • What if my employer says that I have to take vacation days or lieu time
    want to send?
  • Can I refuse to be sent home by my employer?
  • What should I do if my employer does not close our place of business despite the measures decided by the government and says I must continue working?
  • I belong to a high-risk group of individuals (age 60+, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, etc...), what measures should I take?

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