ATUC Studies on Covid-19 and its consequenses in Arab region

Economic and Social Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Arab Region
The most important trade union rights and freedoms violations recorded in the Arab region during the Covid-19 pandemic period
The economic and social impacts of the Corana pandemic in the Arab countries
Coronavirus in the Arab region: A passing storm, an opportunity for change or a regional disaster that threatens migrant workers and their families
Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on journalists and the media sector in the Arab world and the Middle East
Impact of the Covid-19 on the Transport Industry
Implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for migrant working women in the Arab region
Guide on Telework: A tool for protective physical distancing from Covid-19
Occupational health and safety at work during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Social protection scheme in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Arab Region: Jordan as Case Study
Migrant and domestic workers training manual
Migrant Resource Center Brochure
COVID-19: Here are 15 tips forworkerswellbeing during Covid 19 (Arab Migrant Resource Center)
E-Wallet: Do you want you financial transactions to be safe? (Arab Migrant Resource Center)