Agenda Trade Union Development Cooperation Network-meeting in Helsinki (10-12/05/2010)

The main objective of the meeting is to discuss the future of the Network. Other elements for discussion relate to the progress on principles, guidelines and indicators for TU Effectiveness; the structured dialogue with the EU commission and the upcoming activities (UN-DCF; OECD-WP on Eff; MDG summit and Open Forum/BetterAid meetings). We would also like to introduce a time-slot for sharing of information on evolutions at national level or from the regions or GUF (on Development Cooperation). Therefore the time-shedule is very thigh and we will have to facilitate the proceedings as much as possible. In order to do so, we encourage you to share your (national/regional) reports in writing before the meeting (1 pagers, please), that allows us to avoid long informative speeches and take note of the main evolutions. We also ask you, if that was needed, to prepare the discussion on the future of the network by means of the ISSUE PAPER that is enclosed. The paper is meant for discussion, it is not a “statement document” or policy position that has to be amended. The idea is to collect your ideas using the issue paper as a trigger for discussion. The collection of the ideas will be the basis for our conclusions on the way forward.

Download the PDF:

Agenda TUDCN-meeting Helsinki (10-12/05/2010)