After the MDGs - UN post-2015 development framework process gathers speed

In 2015 Millennium Development Goals will expire. The United Nations has launched a process of elaborating the post-2015 development framework. The new framework is likely to be a new set of development goals, but their focus, scope or accountability mechanisms are still to be defined. ITUC brings in the trade union perspective to the process through a number of activities.

In July 2012 the UN High Level Panel on Post-2015 will start its work, leading to the UN MDG Summit in September 2013. During this time, the UN, as well as some of the governments and CSO platforms will organise consultations that will feed in various ways into the official process. UNDP will lead consultations in 50 countries of the South. Various UN agencies will also organise a series of thematic consultations on specific topic and launch an online platform for consultations.

With the Rio Summit ending only three weeks ago, many aspects of the UN process are still not clear. An important element of the post-2015 framework will be the Sustainable Development Goals - one of the most important outcomes of the Rio Summit. Still, the process leading to their creation or the exact way in which they will be integrated in the post-MDG framework remain unclear.

The European Commission has also launched consultations on the EU position towards the framework. The topic is also discussed within the OECD/DAC and other international frameworks (Busan Partnership).

In order to exchange views on the post-2015 process, a seminar will be organised by the Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) in Istanbul on 25-26 September 2012. Interested affiliates, TUSSOs and Global Unions are invited to take part. TUDCN will, in cooperation with the ETUC also coordinate the trade union inputs to the EC consultations. In cooperation with TUAC, TUDCN also follows the discussions in OECD/DAC and the Busan Partnership.

As the UN process gathers speed and shape, so will the trade union engagement in it.