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Achieving Gender Equality a Trade Union Manual

Developing a union gender perspective is partly about organising around different needs, for example, equal opportunities
and childcare and partly about recognising workers in very different work situations. Women very often
come into paid work through part-time, casual, contract or home work. A gender perspective therefore encourages
us to develop union representation in different sorts of work situations. Experience in organising contract and home
workers strengthens the union movement overall as more and more workers find themselves working in such situations.
If we negotiate to provide the kind of conditions and support services that working women need the resulting
fair and family friendly working practices improve the lives of both men and women.

Unions were once a brotherhood of men in large-scale workplaces. That situation is changing. Many now have an
active campaigning style and are working with the fundamental question of how women and men raise a family and
earn a living together. The whole movement has a lot to gain if this momentum for change can be multiplied...

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Achieving Gender Equality a Trade Union Manual
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