TUDCN Partnerships Asia-Pacific Meeting

Over 15 representatives of trade unions and solidarity support organisations (SSOs) met in Bangkok, Thailand on 19-20 June 2018 to review, strengthen and coordinate international cooperation initiatives.

Trade unions across the world are involved in international cooperation initiatives. The TUDCN Partnerships work provides a platform for them to share best practice, coordinate their work and construct common tools to strengthen the effectiveness of this work. The TUDCN is undertaking a series of regional meetings to increase the inter-regional coordination of this work.

In this context, trade unions have developed a number of tools. The Trade Union Development Effectiveness Profile (TUDEP) aims to support trade unions worldwide in the application of the effectiveness principles in their everyday development cooperation practice. Participants used it to analyse trade union development cooperation in the region, both within their own work and for a joint analysis at regional level.

Specific discussions were undertaken to put forward concrete suggestions on how to improve inclusiveness and equality, coherence, sustainability and accountability in the context of international solidarity initiatives.

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