Global Conference on Financing Social Protection - Documents

The International Trade Union Confederation, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and World Solidarity, decided to host a Global Conference on Financing Social Protection on 17-18 September in Brussels. The conference brought together over 100 participants from trade unions, civil society, academia, think tanks, international organisations and government from across the world to identify the challenges to financing social protection and to explore the solutions available both at the national and the international level. Participants discussed the methods for identifying adequate financial resources for social protection reforms, examined the various ways such reforms could be funded both on the national and the international level and identified opportunities for further work together to promote and implement adequate, sustainable financing for universal social protection systems.

Read the ITUC OnLine ITUC, entitled Meeting of Experts Confirms Social Protection for All Is Affordable.

Final Conference Report:

Social Protection Conference 2018 - Report


Social Protection Conference 2018 - Agenda

Background paper:

Social Protection Conference 2018 - Background Paper


Session 1 - Mira Bierbaum
Session 2 - Isabel Ortiz
Session 3 - Juergen Hohmann