Trade Union Focus on Development
Issue no. 39, February 2014
The UN discusses environmental issues and the Sustainable Development Goals
The seventh session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals took place in New York in January 2014 and focused on environmental issues.
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Will Sustainable Development Goals include gender equality?
The International Trade Union Confederation and Public Services International participated in the 8th Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nations.
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Observations on the latest  negotiations to improve development cooperation
"We are coming from completely different universes" (Matt Simonds)
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OECD Study on Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries
The OECD has found that huge sums of money leave developing countries illegally. OECD countries can do more to stop these flows by adhering to their own rules and by implementing best practices.
This briefing reveals how stopping illicit financial flows is possible and essential for keeping more resources in developing countries.

Microfinance and the illusion of  development
Milford Bateman and Ha-Joon Chang studied the contemporary model of microfinance. They argue that microfinance actually constitutes a powerful institutional and political barrier to sustainable economic and social development, and so also to povery reduction. They suggest in their article that microfinance programs serve the neoliberal/globalisation agenda.
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Undue credit: Are France, Germany and Japan subverting the definition of aid?
Last April, former OECD Development Assistance Committee chair Richard Manning revealed how donors were inflating their aid totals by including loans that woud profit the donors if paid in full.
In recent years, a few donors, notably France, Germany and Japan, have pushed along that slippery slope, increasing their aid totals and riling their peers.
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News from the network
Changes in the International Development Agenda: the role of Civil Society in the Development Policies
During the past years, the development policies and the global development agenda have suffered important transformations that have led to a redefinition of the strategic role of the different development actors. One of the actors who is feeling the reconfiguration more intensively is civil society and its organisations. They are being incorporated into new dynamics that affect the waythey participate in relevant areas of the development policies and the development agenda. In this paper, we analise some of the most relevant trends in each of these areas.
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Launch of the UNI Africa/BBTK-SETCA project in Kinshasa, DRC
The UNI/DRC liaison committee welcomed a UNI Africa delegation to Kinshasa from 11 to 14 January 2014 within the framework of the UNI Africa/BBTK-SETCA project.
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The informal economy village
Hann Montagne, a small district on the outskirts of Dakar
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Development Platform for the Americas (PLADA)
Speech by Rafael Freire, Economic Policy and Sustainable Development Secretary, on the Development Platform for the Americas (PLADA), which the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas is about to finalise
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The President of Uruguay, JosÚ Mujica, discusses with the Development Platform of the Americas
"I welcome the fact that workers can unite, I share your fight" - JosÚ Mujica, President of Uruguay
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