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OECD DAC SLM: Trade unions ask donors to match development cooperation responses to the scope of
current global challenges

Workers demonstrating for climate and sustainable development in Indonesia

Trade unions participated in the OECD DAC Senior Level Meeting that took place on 18–19 January and reminded DAC members of the need for strong policy responses that will contribute to a New Social Contract centred on SDG 8.
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Policy and advocacy

Trade unions contribute an expert paper to UN Women leading to the 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women

Agriculture women workers in Chad learn new techniques to face Sahels' increasing desertification

The ITUC and the Just Transition Centre have produced the expert paper ’Just Transition and Gender – A Review’. This paper is an important trade union advocacy tool ahead of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. It provides a labour perspective on just transition’s gender dimension and its role in an effective response to the climate emergency.

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News from TUDCN network

#Timefor8 at regional level  #Namibia  Namibian trade unions strengthen their engagement on the Sustainable Development Goals

Daily activity in Kampala

The Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA) sees its engagement on the 2030 Agenda as a key priority to put forward workers’ demands and recommendations for a sustainable development of the country based on a new social contract centred on SDG8.
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#Timefor8 at regional level  #East Africa  EATUC brings union demands on SDG 8 and the 2030 Agenda to the political agenda of East African countries

EATUC in a meeting with representatives of the East Africa Community

The East African Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) champions the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs, particularly SDG 8, as a highly relevant tool to the work of trade unions for resilience and recovery.
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International solidarity behind trade union victory for improved social security in Uganda

EATUC meet with the EAC

After year-long efforts, DTDA and NOTU can at last celebrate the approval of a bill with amendments to the country’s national social security fund. This new legislation will contribute to improving the lives of all workers, including those active in the informal economy.
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Tunisian-Italian trade union cooperation for the economic and social rights of women agricultural workers in Tunisia 

Meeting in the frame of the FAIRE project in Tunisia

Women's economic and social rights in Tunisia's agricultural sector are at the heart of the EU funded cooperation project “FAIRE", set up by various organisations, including Nexus Emilia Romagna, the international cooperation institute of the Italian trade union confederation CGIL in Emilia Romagna.

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Mondiaal FNV launches campaign in solidarity with union leader facing unlawful trial in Myanmar

Since the military coup in Myanmar, trade unionist and human rights defenders have been constantly under threat, such as trade union leader Thet Hnin Aung, who has been unlawfully imprisoned and prosecuted.
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Podcast  The Justice for Wage Theft campaign champions migrant workers in Sri Lanka

Learn about the global network of unions and migrant rights organisations that formed in Sri Lanka during the pandemic to push for governmental and employer reforms to ensure migrant workers access rights that are fundamental to all workers.
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TUCA takes stock of the COP26 climate change negotiations

The Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) notes with concern how the COP26 negotiations have once again moved away from the demands of working-class people, communities and peoples from the Global South.
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2030 Agenda: a multistakeholder platform monitoring the SDGs in Argentina

PAMPA 2030 is a platform made up of trade unions, civil society organisations, academics and social movements. In addition to monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals, they also carry out capacity building on the subject..

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The fight of young call centre workers in Colombia is an international struggle

Colombia’s young workers are confronted to an extremely challenging situation, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, in a country that is one of the world’s top ten offenders in terms of state repression of labour, trade union, environmental and indigenous rights..

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Sixty-seven percent of workers excluded from EU equal pay policy

Two-thirds of European workers would be excluded from pay transparency measures under the proposals made by the European Commission.

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‘Same job, same rights’ - ISCOS campaigns for the inclusion of Pakistani workers in Italy

ISCOS join forces with the ILO on a project aimed to defend and promote Pakistani migrant workers’ rights, in line with the eighth target of SDG 8.

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Union to Union casts the spotlight on the work of trade union activists in low- and middle-income countries

Union to Union lent its Instagram page to trade union activists involved in development cooperation projects in low- and middle-income countries. In 15 videos, unionists from 11 countries shared insight from their work and struggles promoting decent work.

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News from the development community

UN chief calls for action to put out ‘five-alarm global fire’

Antonio Guterres warns that the world is facing a global five-alarm fire that requires total mobilisation: COVID-19, global finance, climate action, anarchy in cyberspace, and peace and security.
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Is civil society losing out in institutional behind-the-scenes power play?

Concord warns that as the EU – Africa Union Summit is nearing, civil society finds itself in limbo between the institutional set-up in Brussels and which institution or service might take onboard CSO’s views.

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Publication  Banking on development? The rise of the EIB as a development bank

Eurodad casts a closer look at the new development branch of the European Investment Bank (EIB), which aims at reorganising the Bank’s activities outside the European Union and enhance engagement with external partners.
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Decent work in Burkina Faso is a work in progress, but more vital than ever after the coup
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Upcoming events

07-16 Feb. 2022  60th session of UN Commission on Social Development 
📌 ITUC general-secretary Sharan Burrow will be a panelist in the “multi-stakeholder forum on the priority themes” on 10 February, 10:00 -12:00 EST
All meetings will be streamed live on UN Web TV

09 Feb. 2022  ATUDN-TUDCN Regional meeting

10 Feb. – 08 Mar. 2022  Thematic consultations on “Our Common Agenda”. Consult this article for further details.
📌 ITUC general-secretary Sharan Burrow will be a panelist in the Thematic consultation 1 “Accelerating and scaling up the Sustainable Development Goals, leaving no-one behind” on 11 February, 3.00pm – 4.45pm EST
📺 All meetings will be streamed live on UN Web TV

14 Feb. 2022  TUCA-TUDCN Regional meeting

03-05 Mar. 2022  Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNECA)

07-09 Mar. 2022  Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNECLAC)

10 Mar. 2022  ITUC AP – TUDCN Regional meeting

28-31 Mar. 2022  Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNESCAP)

06-07 Apr. 2022  Europe Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNECE)

25-28 Apr. 2022  ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development

05-15 Jul. 2022  UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)


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