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The EU and Agenda 2030: Trade union’s dialogue
50 trade union delegates from across Europe met in Helsinki to discuss the EU’s development agenda with the Finnish EU Presidency and other stakeholders. The ITUC and ETUC co-organised this event, with the support of the Finnish trade unions, in the frame of the #timefor8 campaign.
Policies and advocacy
Goal 8 provides Asia and the Pacific with means to address severe decent work deficit

In its Action Programme 2019-2023, the International Trade Union Confederation in Asia and the Pacific (ITUC AP) identifies the Sustainable Development Goals, in general, and SDG 8, in particular, as an opportunity to broaden their work towards delivering to the region a New Social Contract that bears decent work at its heart.
For the last four years, the African Trade Union Development Network has been promoting stronger unions and better development policies in Africa

“The strengthening of national affiliates to champion the decent work agenda will go a long way to ensure that trade unions have a say on SDGs implementation at a national level” an opinion column of Alex Nkosi, African Trade Union Development Network coordinator.
 Video  The PLADA and the SDGs

The Trade Union Development Network of the Americas has published three videos about the links between the Development Platform for the Americas (PLADA) and the SDGS 8, 10 and 16.

Find out more (In Spanish)
 Publication  The contribution of social dialogue to the 2030 Agenda - Promoting a Just Transition towards sustainable economies and societies for all

What is Just Transition and how is it achievable? This research paper shows, through existing good practices, that Just Transition is possible when unions sit around the table in social dialogue with employers and governments.

News from the TUDCN network

Argentinian Unions present their contributions to SDG 8 and the Decent Work Agenda at high-level Tripartite Dialogue forum

The Argentinian affiliates of the ITUC participated in a tripartite dialogue on the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges hampering the strengthening of social dialogue in the 2030 Agenda.
The Irish Congress of Trade Unions chosen as SDG Champion

The government of Ireland has chosen the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, along with 12 other Irish organisations, to become a champion of the Sustainable Development Goals and to drive them forward in the country.
Employers and Unions in East Africa work together to strengthen social dialogue

Thanks to a triangular cooperation project focusing on the Sustainable Development Goal no.8 to reinforce social dialogue, East African trade unions and employers’ associations have strengthened their capacity to cooperate at the negotiation table.
USO SOTERMUN: A quarter century providing solidarity

The solidarity NGO of the Spanish trade union USO, Sotermun, has turned 25 this year, celebrating not less than a quarter century promoting and delivering worker people's solidarity.

Find out more (in Spanish)
 Publication  Manual for enterprises: Respecting trade unions’ rights in global value chains

Mondiaal FNV has written this manual to equip companies with practical tools, which would help them addressing risks to trade union rights in their global value chains.
 Publication  CCOO presents trade union report on the SDGs

Comisiones Obrera’s foundation “1st of May” has analysed the status of decent work and eight sustainable development goals that are key for the Spanish trade union. In addition to a national study, the regional office of Comisiones Obreras in Extremadura has developed a report on this region, which suffers from “high temporality in hiring, low wages, the lowest pensions in the country, a high poverty rate, strong unemployment, mainly in women and young people, few investments and depopulation. ”

Find out more: Spain report | Extremadura report (in Spanish)
Union Women Leaders Urge Nations: Ratify ILO C190

Women union leaders around the world have launched campaigns urging their governments to ratify Convention 190, a new global International Labor Organization (ILO) treaty to prevent and address violence and harassment in the world of work that includes gender-based violence and harassment.
ISCOS: Ten years of cooperation with the indigenous and riverside communities of the Amazon

The trade union solidarity organisation of the Italian Trade Union Confederation, ISCOS CISL, has been present for the last ten years in the Amazon region of Alto Solimões, where it has accompanied local development processes, operating in a relationship of respect and reciprocity, with local indigenous and non-indigenous communities. ”
The role of trade unions in Just Transition

On October 24, the international trade union solidarity organisation of Belgium’s General Confederation of Free Unions discussed the reasons for unions to engage in Just Transition and how this can be done.

News from the development community

What does “protecting all” really mean for the World Bank?
The World Bank’s recent White Paper “Protecting All – Risk Sharing for a Diverse and Diversifying World of Work” falls short on its objective of “protecting all”. Instead it calls for a rollback of existing rights and protections for workers that would lead to more inequality and poverty. An in-depth analysis by ITUC’s Evelyn Astor and Leo Baunauch, along with Development Pathways’ Stephen Kidd.

Read more 
#RatifyC190 - For a world of work free of violence and harassment
The ITUC has launched a new campaign asking governments to ratify ILO Convention 190. Eliminating violence and harassment in the world of work, including gender-based violence and harassment, is essential to realizing the SDGs, particularly SDG 5 on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, and SDG 8 on promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

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 Publication  AidWatch report 2019
Concord's annual EU watch report shows that the EU needs to shift substantially its aid budget to leave no one behind because less than €1 in 10 is reaching the countries that need it the most.

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 Publication  Just Transition: union experiences from six countries
This report provides practical advice and examples of the unions in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Nigeria and Spain, where unions are working to turn Just Transition agreements into legislation.  

Find out more 
Winner of USO’s photo contest on “Decent work for a dignified life”
“Sew on request” by José R. Belzunce  

Editor's pick

In Mexico, domestic workers are defending their labour and human rights 
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