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It’s #timefor8! Workers want a New Social Contract with decent work for all
For the global labour movement, SDG 8 on decent work and sustainable development is paramount. It opens a window of opportunity to realise a New Social Contract and the #timefor8 campaign aims at keeping that window open.
Policies and advocacy
TUDCN Asia-Pacific meeting: the role of unions in putting the SDGs into action

Trade unions in Asia-Pacific participating in the Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) met in Bangkok on 22-23 January. They discussed the latest trends regarding the progression of SDGs implementation in the region, and the role that unions can play to accelerate it.
 Publication  The labour standards of the multilateral development banks: A trade union guide

Labour standards of the multilateral development banks - A new ITUC manual shows how to use these safeguards to fight for labour rights and a development model with decent work for all.

News from the TUDCN network

ASI Venezuela sees in SDGs and decent work solutions to country’s crisis

In 2020, ASI will carry out a series of campaigns to raise awareness about the important role that the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) play in defense of trade union and labour law in Venezuela.
Indonesia: Labour law reform aims at pleasing investors at the expenses of workers’ rights

In order to attract foreign capital, Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo, is ready to put the country on the path of a race to the bottom that is all too well known by workers and trade unions.
UNSAS invests in SDG knowledge for women and young trade unionists

Like political actors and civil society organisations, trade unions are also committed to the realisation of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. The entry into force of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) marks a very important turning point for unions.
Social protection and living wage: two important pillars of Decent Work

The Belgian Solidarity Support Centres have carried out several projects to strengthen African trade unions' capacities to negotiate social protection provisions and minimum wages.
COP 25: Few advances while time is running out

For the Spanish trade union, Comisiones Obreras, the 25th edition of the Conferences of the Parties (COP25) showed that the COPs and multilateralism run the risk of losing credibility and of widening the gap that separates them from civil society.
ISCOS: 20 years providing solidarity and cooperation in El Salvador

The Italian Trade Union Institute for International Development (ISCOS) has been working in El Salvador since 2000. During those two decades, thousands of low-income families have benefited from ISCOS’ cooperation programmes.

News from the development community

 Publication  World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2020
Insufficient paid work affects almost half a billion people. A lack of decent work combined with rising unemployment and persisting inequality is making it increasingly difficult for people to build better lives through their work, according to the latest edition of the International Labour Organisations’s global report on employment and social trends.

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 Newsletter  #RatifyC190 - For a world of work free of violence and harassment
Subscribe to the ITUC’s newsletter "Ratify ILO Convention 190!" and get the latest updates on how the world of work is moving towards becoming free of violence and harassment.

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 Publication  Out of Service: How public services and human rights are being threatened by the growing debt crisis
Public services play a critical role in advancing human rights and fighting inequality. However, growing levels of external public debt, especially in the global south, threaten the very services on which citizens depend in order to have even a basic standard of living. A publication of Eurodad.

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 Publication  Progressing national SDG implementations
This independent assessment of the 2019 Voluntary National Reviews notes positive trends in reporting on leaving no one behind and stakeholder engagement. However, it also stresses the continued silence of UN Member States on the shrinking space for civil society.  

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The workers organising for a better future in Cambodia 
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