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List of contents

 New research 
SDGs for recovery and resilience  
New research released by the ITUC-TUDCN shows the gap between government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 8.
Policies and advocacy
Trade Unions-DAC Forum 2020: SDG-driven recovery and resilience

Trade unions and the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) held the sixth edition of the Trade Union - DAC Forum over the role of ODA in ensuring an SDG-driven recovery and resilience.
The IMF must walk the talk on the SDGs

The International Monetary Fund has endorsed the Sustainable Development Goals, thus the Fund needs to put forward a policy agenda and operational guidelines that brings the world closer towards realising these goals.
  #Timefor8: Unions' actions at national level   #Spain 
Comisiones Obreras and the SDGs: awareness-raising and mobilisation

Since the approval of the 2030 Agenda in 2015, Comisiones Obreras has been a strong supporter of the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Spain through mobilisation of unions and engagement with stakeholders.
  #Timefor8: Unions' actions at national level    #Zimbabwe  
Trade unions succeed in ensuring the integration of decent work into Zimbabwe’s new development plan

Zimbabwe’s 2021-2025 development plan will act as a new entry point for the labour movement to promote the central role of decent work in overcoming the severe challenges the country is facing, and in supporting recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic.

News from the TUDCN network

TUCA presents compilation of activities carried out with a gender perspective during 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left gender gaps in deep evidence, as women were the most affected by the measures adopted to alleviate the spread of the virus. This compilation shows the work that unions have carried out in 2020 to address this situation.
ASEAN new trade partnership against unions' standards

The ITUC-Asia-Pacific deems the newly adopted ASEAN Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership as being "Insubstantial Agreement without People, Decent Work, Planet and Sustainable Development for building forward better after COVID-19". 
Access to social protection is a key issue for recovery and resilience in Senegal

In Senegal, 80% of the population falls outside social protection coverage. UNSAS, the Institut Belleville/CFDT and the ONG Essentiel are joining forces to provide social protection coverage to a group of 250 women working in fish and other seafood product processing activities in the informal economy. 
LO Sweden launches its International Strategy 2021-2025

The document establishes the key priorities and focus areas for the international cooperation work of the Swedish trade union confederation (LO) and its affiliates. 
 Publication  A planet in distress - Solutions that put people and workers first

In this publication, We Social Movement (WSM), the solidarity organisation of the Belgian christian trade union (CSC-ACV), presents many innovative projects on building climate-change resilience, which their member organisations are carrying out in many countries.  
 Publication  Just Transition in the international development cooperation context

This joint-report of Union-to-Union and the Just Transition Center, provides examples on how trade unions are engaging in Just Transition, how it relates to international development cooperation and provides guidance on how to move forward and strengthen the work for a Just Transition. 

News from the development community

 Publication  World Development Report 2021  
In this new issue of the World Development Report, the World Banks focusses on how data can benefit poor people in poor countries, and the role of governance and policies to materialise these benefits.

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 Online resource  LO launches new online platform: Voices
With this new multimedia platform, the ILO brings to life first-perspective stories and important issues in the world of work. These testimonies reflect the importance of labour-led international cooperation and development.

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Editor's pick

On the banks of Thailand’s Mun River, villages are struggling
to survive in the shadow of the dams
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