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Policies and advocacy

SDG Summit 2023 : The ITUC brings workers’ demands to high-level discussions

The ITUC participated in a series of high-level events organised as part of the United Nations’ Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals.
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TU-DAC Forum 2023: Trade unions call upon the OECD Development Assistance Committee to back action on social protection and just transition

Social protection and the creation of decent climate-friendly jobs with just transition were the focus of the TUAC and ITUC-led annual forum of trade unions with the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).
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EU PFD 2023: Trade unions emphasise the need for decent jobs, social protection, minimum living wages and just transition in the fight against inequalities

A delegation of trade unionists from Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific participated in the Global meeting of the European Union Policy Forum on Development.
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HLPF 2023 : ITUC delegation brought workers’ voice loud and clear to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

For two intense weeks, 10-19 July, the ITUC delegation joined hundreds of representatives from governments, civil society organisations, the private sector and other stakeholders at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.
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News from TUDCN network

ITUC-AP takes the helm of APRCEM coordination

With this new role, ITUC-AP reinforces its capacity to raise the profile of trade unions as key actors in development. 
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Pampa 2030 organises regional roundtables of women’s dialogues to advance gender equality

From September 6 to 8, 2023, Pampa 2030 organised roundtables of dialogue in the Argentinian province of Misiones, where rural women, indigenous women, trade unionists, and members of the LGBTQ+ community came together to share their challenges, struggles, and experiences.
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CATP discusses major challenges facing the country with the UN Resident Coordinator in Peru

The central addressed the situation of regression of labour rights faced by workers in Peru and advocated for the active participation of trade unions in the design of sustainable development policies. 
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UNSAS multiplies the creation of regional Women’s Committees for strengthened women’s leadership and promotion of SDG 5 in Senegal

The National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Senegal (UNSAS) has undertaken the establishment of regional women’s committees throughout the country. Six new committees are in the process of being set up by the end of 2023, bringing the total number of regional women’s committees to 13 out of 14 regions.
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The world is failing to meet SDG 8... How to achieve decent work for all by 2030?
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