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"Some of the world’s most profitable companies are not just defending their toxic products, they are defending weak exposure standards that mean they profit and you pay. It is not ethical, it is not healthy and it is not what we bargained for. We make this pledge - if they expose us, we will expose them."

- Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary -




The petroleum industry has known for decades that benzene, one of its most important products, is a potent cause of cancer in humans but has spent millions on a cover-up, a newly published evidence database has revealed.


Dozens of prestigious scientific organisations and scientists from around the world have called on India to end its ‘discredited’ efforts to keep chrysotile asbestos outside the scope of a United Nations treaty on toxic exports.


UK workers suffering occupational cancer and other potentially lethal work-related diseases can forget about any government compensation, according to a new report.


The world’s most profitable company is proving less successful in sorting out worker exploitation in its supply chain, research has found.


Smart syringes that break after one use should be used for injections by 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said. It says reusing syringes leads to more than two million people being infected with diseases including HIV and hepatitis each year.


More protective laws, effective enforcement and unrelenting union action are needed to address Europe’s ‘immense’ occupational cancer problem, a top safety researcher has warned.


An American Public Health Association (APHA) policy statement on ‘Breast Cancer and Occupation: The Need for Action’ is thought to be the first such call by a major public health body on breast cancer and the risks faced by women due to the hazards in the work environment.


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