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ITUC Newsletter May 2019

Coming up this month – Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary

The ILO’s Centenary celebrations are taking place in countries around the world, we took the demand for a New Social Contract to the UN General Assembly in New York, and this month we’re preparing for the ILO’s Future of Work Declaration which will be debated at the ILC in June. This is a once in a generation opportunity to set rules for the global economy to work for people and to shape the ILO Declaration with a new social contract backed by a universal guarantee of rights for all workers.
You can show your support by joining us at the rally on 17 June to demand ‘An ILO for the 21st Century – Time for a New Social Contract’ and signing the petition to tell the ILO we need a New Social Contract that guarantees a fair deal for all working people. Contact [email protected] if you want to embed the petition on your union's website.
The climate crisis is one of the things that worries millions of people. We know there are no jobs on a dead planet, but we need to get politicians to listen and employers to plan a Just Transition for workers. The ITUC’s Just Transition Centre supports unions in hosting roundtables for city, sector or industry-wide discussions on the transition to a low carbon world. Our first global day of workplace action to Climate Proof our Work takes place on 26th June, you can sign up here to take part.

May Call to Action - Climate-Proof Our Work #cPOW

Workers are on the frontline of climate change.

Trade unions know that addressing the issue starts with dialogue: workers across the world are signing up to take part in the Global Day of Workplace Action to Climate-Proof Our Work on 26 June. They will meet their employers to discuss their plans. The campaign resources are available in the link above.


May Day 2019: the time has come for a New Social Contract
With inequality soaring and corporations capturing an ever-greater share of wealth and holding governments to ransom, the ITUC is calling for a new social contract, backed by a universal labour guarantee, in this the Centenary year of the International Labour Organization.
Taking control – removing dangerous substances from the workplace
Every 11 seconds a person loses their life because of lethal working conditions. While awareness is growing, cancer remains the number one workplace killer in many countries. On this International Workers’ Memorial Day, the ITUC is calling for zero cancer.
ITUC condemns arrests of Fiji trade unionists
The ITUC has condemned the arrest of Felix Anthony, National Secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress and President of the ITUC Asia-Pacific, along with some 30 other trade unionists on May Day.

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Global Day of Workplace Action 26 June 2019.

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May Day
A collection of some videos from International Labour Day.
Tell the ILO we need a New Social Contract that guarantees a fair deal for all working people!

Recruitment Advisor
The ITUC's web platform is one year young!

The silent death of workers in India
Construction is the deadliest sector in India, with an average of 38 fatal accidents a day

Key Dates

OECD Forum
20-23 May 2019 – Paris, France

Centenary International Labour Conference
10-21 June – Geneva, Switzerland

Demonstration: an ILO for the 21st Century
17 June  – Geneva, Switzerland

Climate Proof Our Work
26 June – Worldwide
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