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ITUC Newsletter April 2019

Coming up this month – Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary

Workers and their unions in countries affected by Cyclone Idai face the task of rebuilding lives and livelihoods in the coming weeks and months. The ITUC will remain by their side to support affected people and communities.

The Elected Leadership Group, which advises and helps evaluate our work, has reviewed the ITUC Frontline campaigns and four pillars for action. The summary of the ITUC strategic priorities and plans for 2019 is now available to read.

Read the summary of the Frontlines and Pillars here

People are disenchanted with a model of globalisation that has put profit ahead of people. Some are looking to the far right for solutions, but history repeatedly tells us that this only leads to an escalation of hate. We have joined our voice to the global call of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to combat the ideology of racism.

The answer lies in building workers’ power to change the rules of the global economy and deliver a New Social Contract for workers, government and business. On 1 May we will come together under this banner and demand A New Social Contract Not Corporate Greed. Make sure to send your pictures and videos to [email protected].

Download the banner here

On April 28th, Workers’ Memorial Day, we will organise under the theme, Taking control – removing dangerous workplace substances from the workplace. This year we will focus on Zero Cancer, with a new poster showing risk factors for cancers at work.

Visit the website here

April Call to Action

On International Workers' Memorial Day, trade unions remember the dead and fight like hell for the living. #ZeroCancer - help get the message out on social media.


Working people are united in diversity
Unions strive for a world of shared prosperity and free of discrimination, in which all people can live and work in dignity. On International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the ITUC issued a rallying call for solidarity to triumph over hate.
Students strike now for the jobs of tomorrow
The ITUC stood behind the global student strike, which took place on the 15th March. More than 700 actions in 72 countries took place. Unions across the world mobilised their members.
Just Transition key to Costa Rica’s plan for zero emissions by 2050
The ITUC congratulates the government of Costa Rica on its ambitious leadership towards achieving 100% renewable energy by 2030. The target is part of its plan to reach zero emissions by 2050. Unions are calling on the government to make Just Transition central to achieving this ambition.

Monthly Highlights

Reports, briefings, photos and videos from the world of work.
Work causes of cancer
At-a-glance guide to cancer hazards at work.
More here
Trade unions around the world are showing solidarity with Indian workers during three global days of action.

New Istanbul airport
Turkey’s refusal to respect labour standards is costing lives.
UN Environment
Unions called for Action on plastics pollution, toxic chemicals and marine pollution.

G20 Summit
Trade unions have outlined their priorities ahead of the 2019 G20 Summit.
GBV Breifing
A framework of issues and key messages - Lobby your government for the strongest possible convention!

Key Dates

Youth Committee
8-9 April 2019 – Brussels, Belgium

Modi Must Go Day of Action
10 April – Worldwide

High Level Event of the 73rd General Assembly on the Future of Work
10 April  – New York, USA

Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group & the International Monetary Fund
12-14 April – Washington D.C., USA

Earth Day
22 April – Worldwide

G20 Employment Working Group
22-24 April – Tokyo, Japan

International Workers' Memorial Day
28 April – Worldwide

International Workers' Day
1 May – Worldwide
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