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TUDCN members discuss improving knowledge-sharing of good practices in union-led development cooperation

Participants during the webinar on good practices in union-led development cooperation

The members of the Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) are engaged in many successful development cooperation projects around the world. These activities are real life improvers for millions of workers and their families.
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Policy and advocacy

Sharan Burrow: “A transformative agenda for women requires a new gender-inclusive social contract” 

Sharan Burrow at the ADB Gender Forum 2021

The general secretary of the ITUC participated in the Asian Development Bank’s Gender Forum on 24 November. She talked on the role of just transition as a force for gender transformative change.
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COP26 : Jobs plans with just transition essential to implementation of Glasgow Agreement

The COP26 climate agreement acknowledged the science, recognised the gaps to realising the 1.5C target, and embedded the call for just transition, but the compromises made in Glasgow fall short on ambition, finance, responsibility and inclusion.
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News from TUDCN network

TUCA held the "Continental Event: Development Cooperation, Agenda 2030 and Trade Union Action"

The event proposed a critical look at the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, through debate and exchange on the development model of the countries of the region beyond economic sustainability and capital accumulation.
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Myanmar: workers’ rights violations

EATUC meet with the EAC

The military junta has intensified its violent attacks on workers and trade unionists in Myanmar. Concerted action by the international community to demand the release of all political prisoners remains the top priority.
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#Timefor8 at national level  #Senegal  Working women in Senegal demand decent work and zero violence in the workplace 

The women committee of UNSAS, Senegal, made their own the tools put in place by the TUDCN and the ITUC to improve their knowledge about the legal provisions on violence against women.

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This trade union development project creates an economic model of solidarity and sustainability from the mountains of the Andes to Italian textile companies

Thanks to the international union cooperation, local producers are demonstrating that it is possible to develop a solidarity-based economy that pays attention to workers, communities, animal welfare, and local ecosystems.
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A step forward towards SDG 8 in Sierra Leone

The trade union movement of Sierra Leone has been fundamental in the negotiations leading to the country’s ratification of eight ILO Conventions and one Protocol. These ratifications will lead to improved conditions and rights for migrant workers and houseworkers active in the country's enormous informal economy.
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Green transition: not "if" but "how?”

The Belgian trade unions participated in the Belgian Sustainable Development Goals Forum. They brought a clear message: measures are needed to slow down global warming and also to accompany its destructive effects on economic activity and employment.
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Video  What is just transition and why is it a trade union issue?

Mondiaal FNV and Union to Union have co-produced two animated videos to raise awareness about the importance of just transition in the context of the climate emergency and how unions can work to have a say in this process.

What is just transition? | Why is just transition a trade union concern?


News from the development community

Newsletter  #RatifyC190 for a world free of violence and harassment

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Campaign  A better Bangladesh

Every year, 35,000 Bangladeshis die at work and 8 million are injured. In Bangladesh, millions of workplaces are barely monitored by government labour inspectors, and people are trapped in jobs with poverty wages.

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Publication  The UN warns that the planned global fossil fuel production remains incompatible with the Paris Agreement

Governments are planning to produce 110% more fossil fuels in 2030 than would be consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C, and 45% more than would be consistent with limiting warming to 2°C, on a global level.
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Publication  The State of Tax Justice 2021

Wealthy individuals and multinational corporations are responsible for $483 bn global tax loss, enough to vaccinate the world’s population three times over.

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Blog  How recovering from COVID-19 can propel us toward a more equitable working future

”The heroic front-line workers who continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic —doctors, nurses, hospital personnel and transit workers—are the same who were hit by austerity cuts or deregulation reforms," writes Liz Schuler, AFL-CIO President.

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UN launches a platform to analyse the data on SDG indicator

The platform allows users to search and download data on 210 of the 231 global SDG indicators, and to access the SDG profiles of 132 countries.

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Publication  Reclaiming sustainable infrastructure as a public good

The current drive to attract private (often foreign) finance to projects in the global south risks undermining development goals.

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Bearing witness to the ‘world’s first climate-induced famine’ in Madagascar
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Upcoming events

15-16 Dec. 2021  Steering Committee of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

18-19 Jan. 2022  Senior-Level Meeting of the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD (DAC)

23-27 Jan. 2022  Fifth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries

07-16 Feb. 2022  60th session of UN Commission on Social Development

03-05 Mar. 2022  Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNECA)

28-31 Mar. 2022  Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNESCAP)

TBD. Mar. 2022  Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNECLAC)

06-07 Apr. 2022  Europe Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (UNECE)


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