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Last week has been a great week for workers at the #HLPF2022.

Our delegation advocated workers’ demand for a New Social Contract for a gender-transformative agenda in many important discussion panels.

Paola Simonetti (ITUC) was a lead discussant in the debate on financing for development.

Zingiswa Losi (COSATU) delivered a strong speech in the debate on gender equality (SDG5), and Julius Cainglet (FFW) demonstrated the centrality of SDG 8 to provide leverage to the other goals during his important intervention during the session on SDG 14 about life below water. 

And yesterday, Monday 11 July, Omar Faruk Osman (FESTU) demonstrated how SDG8-driven policies can contribute to advancing SDG 15 (life on land).

In addition, also on Monday, the ITUC organised a side-event at the HLPF where it could present its policy recommendations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals under review at the HLPF, starting from a gender equality.

Top: delegation week1 at the ILO. Under: Delegation week 2

Top picture: Delegation on week 1 during a visit to the ILO office at the United Nations.
Picture under: Delegation on week 2.
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This week, the delegation will focus on the sessions dedicated to the Voluntary National Reviews (VNR). This year, governments of 44 countries will carry out their VNRs.

Ahead of this moment, 17 labour organisations in 13 countries have produced an alternative, independent counter-review compiled in our report "A trade union take on teh SDGs".  These trade union reports analyse how transparent, and prone to consult and use social dialogue governments are when planning, carrying out and monitoring national development plans. The analysis also assesses the impact of Covid-19 in these processes and how people and workers are affected by them.

Yesterday, Monday 11 July, Viviana Rumbo (PIT-CNT) started this work with a brilliant intervention following the VNR presentation of the Government of Uruguay

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👇 These are the 13 country report of 2022


  • Botswana - BFTU. Read more
    VNR 14 July, 3:6PM EDT, Butale Thusang (BFTU) will speak.


  • Mali - UNMT. Read more

  • Senegal - UNSAS. Read more
    VNR  14 July, 3:6PM EDT, Anne-Cécile Coly (UNSAS) will speak.

  • Somalia - FESTU. Read more 
    VNR  13 July, 10:40AM-1PM EDT, Omar Faruk Osman (FESTU) will speak.


  • Argentina – CGT, CTA, CTA-A. Read more
    VNR 12 July, 11AM-1PM EDT Marita González (CGT) will speak

  • Venezuela – Central ASI (No VNR). Read more 

  • Uruguay – PIT-CNT. Read more
    VNR  11 July, Viviana Rumbo (PIT-CNT) spoke during the session.




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      11-15 JULY 2022

  • Plenary Civil Society  12 July, 9-11AM EDT
    ITUC delegate Anne-Cécile Coly (UNSAS, Senegal) to speak at the plenary debate “Vision of civil society: Leaving no one behind in recovering better”.
  • VNRs 12 July, 11AM-1PM EDT
    Latvia, the Philippines, Greece, and Mali 
  • VNRs   13 July, 10:40AM-1PM EDT
  • VNRs  14 July, 3:6PM EDT
    Senegal and 
  • VNR 15 July, 3:6PM EDT
    Botswana and 
  • 15 July Adoption of the Ministerial Declaration
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