5th Trade Union - OECD DAC Forum - 9 April 2019

The 5th edition of the Forum between Trade Unions and the Development Assistance Commitee of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development will take place on 9 April 2019.

- The programme outline is available here

- The meeting report is available here

General background materials
- The summary report from the 2018 TU-DAC Forum is available here

- The summary report from the 2017 TU-DAC Forum is available here

- TUDCN’s priorities for the OECD DAC SLM 2019

- Trade union’s key asks to the BAPA+40

Session 1 (09.30-11.00): The private sector contribution to the SDGs and the "impact imperative" in financing sustainable development


Session 2 (11.30-13.00): The role of social dialogue in achieving the SDGs and just transition


Session 3 (14.30-16.00): Transition finance strategies

  • OECD Development Co-operation Working Papers:


Presentations from the session that took place on 8 April


Practical information
📅 When: 9 April 2019
🏘️ Venue: OECD Boulogne - 46 Quai Alphonse le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt - France