2nd Joint OECD-DAC and Trade Union Forum - Documents and presentations from the meeting

Meeting report and joint conclusions EN ES FR

Forum’s annotated agenda EN FR ES

Conclusions of the 1st Trade Union-OECD/DAC Forum, Paris, October 2014 EN FR ES

Further reading

HIGH-LEVEL PANEL: The developmental relevance of social dialogue at country level

  • Presentation by Álvaro García, Minister-Director, Planning and Budget Office, Government of Uruguay "Donors and trade unions’ strategy to implement the UN 2030 Agenda” ES
  • Intervention of Kacem Afaya, Deputy General Secretary UGTT Tunisia FR
  • Success factors of employers and trade unions cooperation in Ghana in influencing governments’ economic and social policies, Mr. Kwame Ofori-Gyau, Ghana Employers’ Association EN
  • Swedish Government: About the Global Deal - The Global Deal concept EN

Further reading

  • Nobel Lecture given by The National Dialogue Quartet, delivered by Hassine Abassi, Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, Abdessatar Ben Moussa and Ouided Bouchamaoui. (Oslo, December 10, 2015) EN
  • How social dialogue led to a Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisia, Houcine Abassi, Secretary General UGTT Tunisia EN FR ES
  • Social dialogue: The ’how-to’ for social and economic development, Wellington Chibebe, Deputy General Secretary, ITUC EN FR ES

Panel 2: National Strategies for Youth Employment and the role of social partners

  • Presentation by Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, OECD Development Center, on "African Economic Outlook 2015: the job creation challenge" EN
  • Intervention by Prince Asafu-Adjaye, ITUC Africa Labour Research Institute (Ghana) EN

Further reading

  • Paving the way for formalisation of the informal economy: Experiences and Perspectives from ITUC-Africa and Trade Unions across Africa, LO/FTF (Denmark) EN FR
  • National Employment Policies: A guide for workers’ organisations, International Labour Organization EN
  • African Economic Outlook 2015 (AfDB, OECD, UNDP) EN FR - Pages ix to xviii.

Panel 3: How donor policies are contributing to decent work creation through private sector development cooperation programs

  • Intervention of Alex Richard Nkosi, ITUC Africa Labour Research Institute (Malawi) EN

Further reading

  • Swedfund’s Policy for Sustainable Development (2015) EN
  • Sustainable Business: Swedfund’s Integrated Report 2014 EN
  • Business Accountability FOR Development: ITUC-TUDCN/EURODAD publication, supported by CPDE EN FR ES

TUDCN/TUAC documents

  • TUDCN activity report 2008-2012 EN FR ES
  • ITUC 2015 15th General Council resolution on Development EN FR ES