12 Indian Migrant Workers Stranded in Uganda

The ONMS Union, a BWI affiliate from Orissa, a State in eastern India was requested to provide assistance to migrant workers stranded in Uganda.

16 migrant workers were recruited by a local agent to work for Kalinga Moulders. They arrived in Uganda on June 15 and began to work for another company Vishwa Metals Limited. Although the workers had been promised a monthly salary of INR 15,000 (US $ 315), they were denied salaries, basic amenities like proper drinking water, food and mandatory breaks between work shifts. In addition to this blatant form of exploitation, the employers physically assaulted them and took away their mobile phones.
Since then, four workers were fortunate to return back to India on October 12, 2011. Immediately upon their return they informed they sought the assistance of ONMS. They informed the union that the Indian Embassy failed to intervene and was indifferent in assisting the remaining 12 workers who are eagerly waiting to return home.
The ONMS union has now written to the State Government of Orissa and also urgently called for help BWI. Currently BWI Connect is working with the BWI Africa Regional Office to facilitate intervention from BWI’s affiliate in Uganda.

cross posted from : BWI Connect