Climate Change and Green Economy

Climate Change and Green Economy
  • An ambitious climate agreement requires Lima COP to deliver

    Only a massive demand for climate action from citizens will be able to correct the current unambitious path in which leaders have set their comfort zones. That said, it is our duty as workers’ representatives to expect leadership and vision from the very people we elect.

    The international community shares today more scientific evidence than it needs to inform decision making on climate change. The impacts on peoples’ lives, livelihoods and prosperity if we fail to act now will be calamitous. Yet the opportunities for social progress and decent work behind an ambitious climate protection agenda are such that it would be irrational to let go this unique time in history where we can still solve the problem.

    The ITUC has just released its contribution for COP20 in Lima, Peru, outlining the key demands of the trade union movement to governments meeting at the UNFCCC.

    Have a look at our concrete proposals!

  • Unions4Climate action campaign ready!

    The ITUC will launch an innovative campaign in the context of the ITUC Third World Congress, where trade unions will make public their commitment to emission reductions, adaptation and just transition.

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